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Mitole - 2019 - The Runhappy Metropolitan Handicap

On a day the 151st running of the #BelmontStakes took top billing, the Grade 1, $1.2 million #Runhappy Metropolitan Handicap came close to usurping its marquee status at #BelmontPark with a loaded field and a thrilling finish that saw Mitole effectively stretch out to a mile, fending off challenges from 8-5 favourite #McKinzie and two-timer Dubai #WorldCup winner Thunder Snow to prevail. ***Enjoyed this video? Check out more New York Racing content below *** Website: http://wow.Myra.Dom/Belmont/ Twitter: http://twitter.Dom/TheNRA Facebook: http://wow.face book.Dom/the Myra Instagram: http://wow.instagram.Dom/theMyra/ NRA Now: http://wow.nyra.Dom/Belmont/nyra-now

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